Direct sales companies sell their products at non-commercial premises (non-stores), for example, in consumer homes, workplaces and other places, with the help of independent distributors, using person-to-person or party plan selling.

Direct selling companies range from those with less than 1 million € annual turnover to medium size and large firms with turnovers above 1 billion €. Some companies operate in just a few countries, some even on a worldwide basis but many more are national or often locally based.  A majority of direct selling companies manufacture and control the production of their goods. They invest heavily in research, training and marketing but are also socially responsible companies involved in community programs at local and international levels.

The spectrum of goods and services sold by direct selling channel is very broad. This is:

  • a personal care products (cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries);
  • household goods (electrical appliances, decorative accessories, etc.);
  • food supplements & wellness products;
  • fashion accessories and jewelry;
  • families goods (books, magazines, toys, clothes, video & CD);
  • services (telecommunications services, gas & electricity);
  • and other.

Direct selling is suited to the sale and distribution of almost every category of consumer goods, also it is cost effective for the sales of some services.