Direct selling is a great way to shop, however it is always a good idea to be careful and to keep the following points in mind.

It is important to know who you are dealing with, and to check the identity of salespersons. All good Direct Selling personnel carry literature about their company’s products.  This should contain the phone number, name and address of the company – so that you can check the caller is genuine.

Do not hand over cash unless you are completely satisfied about the identity and credentials of the sales person.  Make sure that you receive a printed receipt showing the name and address of the company who is supplying the goods.

Do not sign any order forms until you are sure of the identity of the sales person and the company they represent.

Beware of verbal promises about special prices and terms of delivery.  Check that special terms are printed in the company’s literature.

Always check that any order form you sign contains your cancellation rights.  Unless you want early delivery of a product made specially to your personal requirements, good companies offer a reasonable period during which you can cancel your order.

Check whether the order form and literature carries the LTTA logo.  This indicates that the company is a LTTA member and committed to high standards of ethical business practice.

Different organisations will have different policies for returns, but a good salesperson will explain theirs before a sales transaction is complete, to make sure you know what applies before purchasing. Check that the product you are offered is covered by a guarantee.