Direct selling can be a very rewarding experience for both the buyer and the seller. Sometimes however, things can go wrong and either the buyer or the seller may be unhappy with the outcome of a transaction. To help resolve issues with our members, we have a fair, reliable, system in place.

Every company that is a member of Latvian Direct Selling Association must adhere to its Code of Ethics, while an independent Code Administrator is responsible for the administration of Codes and for handling of consumer complaints.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s commonly said that a customer with a good experience may tell no-one, but someone with a bad experience will tell 20 people. As direct selling is based largely on personal recommendations, it is very important that consumers are satisfied with their direct selling experience. Our members also genuinely believe in their products and services and want their customers to be satisfied with them and enjoy using them.

Shopping with LTTA Members

If you are not satisfied with a shopping experience you had with a member of the LTTA and you feel it is unethical, illegal or a possible violation of the Code of Ethics there is a system in place to help you resolve the issue.

Contact the salesperson immediately and explain your concerns. If the salesperson cannot or will not correct the problem to your satisfaction, contact the direct selling organisation and explain the situation.

In order to help the direct selling organisation to deal with your complaint and resolve it, please try that complaint at once would include:

  • The date and details of the transaction, such as the product or service purchased, its cost and the parties involved.
  • Any contravention of Code of Ethics violation you feel has occurred.
  • The efforts you have made to resolve the matter and any responses the other parties have made to resolve the problem.
  • The current status of the issue.
  • How you would prefer to see the complaint resolved.
  • Copies of invoices or other supporting documents.

If your complaint is still not resolved satisfactorily by the member company, you can send the complaint to the LTTA by the post or by email to and complaint will be referred to the independent Code Administrator. The decision of the Code Administrator is binding on the member but not the consumer.

Dealing with overseas DSA Members

If the company is not a member of the Latvian DSA but is a member of a DSA in another country, then you can send your complaint to the DSA in that country.  All DSAs that are members of the WFDSA pledge to abide by the World Code of Conduct as a minimum standard of ethical behavior.

The World Code provides extra-territorial effect, which means that you can still be protected, and file a complaint even though the company or distributor is not a part of your country’s DSA.